Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Economics Resources

OK. $200 for an intermediate economics book is ridiculous....

here's a free economics book available online. It says introduction but it is supposed to be comparable to other intermediate books online and seems to come recommended. Match readings and topics. (direct pdf link)

Also there are other resources for learning economics online: both MIT and CMU have courses online. CMU courses are created for the web, while MIT courses are not and will probably be much harder. (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health also has courses in health).


Maulik said...

also, i found this 200 dollar one for 62 after shipping (int'l edition) on some textbooksrus.com ... if you wanna wait and see how the book turns out to be when it shows up, let me know ... i think they had a few more copies

P. Cheng said...

Hey Azad,

Thanks for the links. I wish I had waited to buy. Oh well. Good to know in any case!