Thursday, August 21, 2008

Howdy Doo!!

Hey What's Up Everybody! Hope we're all hyped for the coming semester!

Thank you, Jane, for setting up this blog. I think it's gonna be great, having our own space right here.

I have some varied interests, and I would love to see who else might share some of 'em with me:

- Basketball (as well as football/baseball/softball)
- Community Gardens & Composting
- The Three R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
- Environment-conscious Volunteer Work

Alrighty, that's about all for me; time to make like ghost.


janellentigan said...

Whooo! Recycling--! I have an interest in that...because I can't do it at my apartment. Does anyone have suggestions for bottle/can recycling in Champaign? Do you know places to drop it off secretly? I have only a bike...Can I bring it to your Urbana abodes??

P. Cheng said...

Hey Jane,
You can bring your recyclables to my humble Urbana abode whenever you like.

I did a Google search, and here's what I found on recycling drop-off in Champaign (

The City also provides a 24-hour, 7 days a week, free recycling drop-off site. The drop-off site is open to the public and is located at 1701 Hagan Drive, Champaign, Illinois. The facility is just east of the Home Depot shopping center on Bloomington Road. The drop-off site operates a two-sort program in which materials should be separated into two types, containers and fibers. Materials recycled at the drop off site include most plastic, glass and metal food & beverage containers. Plastic food & beverage containers with the #1 through #8, but not styrofoam, are accepted. All glass & metal food & beverage containers can also be recycled at this site. Large plastic objects such as lawn furniture and toys are not accepted at the drop off site. Only those items listed above are accepted at the drop off site. Please do not leave other materials at this location.

jane said...

I figured out I can drop it off at a friend's place who lives super close to me--Thanks for the search!

Ryan said...

Wow, the recycling dropoff accepts lots of plastic grades...I'm overly excited by that...