Monday, September 15, 2008

B-day BBQ!!!!

Hey, I'm planning to have a BBQ at my house this Friday(19th; come rain or shine) to celebrate that Jane is older, and for whoever else is having a B-day this month(An excuse to party). I'm going to BBQ and have beverages this Friday. Call Ryan and Melena on what types of food you'd should bring. My address is 308 West Charles St. in Champaign, which is off of State St.(4W Blue goes by). If your planning to come please let Ryan, Melena or myself know so we can plan food accordingly. Come around 530-ish, that's when We'll start grilling, drinking, and swearing. I also have an adorable dog that loves to meet strangers, and is coincedentally not much of a gaurd dog.
Have a great week,
Hope to see you Friday!