Thursday, September 4, 2008

Saturday Night

For those of you who might be interested. There's a Burlesque show at the IMC in Urbana at 9PM on Saturday night. I'll be driving if anyone wants to go, I can pick you up along the way.


Rachel said...

Cool--for anyone who hasn't been, those are typically a lot of fun. I'm going to try to make it, assuming the tailgating earlier in the day doesn't prove to be detrimental :)

MeLena said...

am I confused? when I went to the IMC site it looked like there was a drag show at 7pm (which I would be up for if anyone is interested) but I didn't see anything about burlesque. are we talking about the same thing at different times (drag and burlesque being related)?

Mariela said...


just to clarify the drag show is going to be a combination of drag queen/king performances in addition to burlesque.

should be a deliciously devious good time!


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun...some non-MUP friends and I will likely head to C-Street ( later that night (a gay-oriented dance club), so if anyone would like to continue the night's theme, give me a call/text at 314.956.1522 and I'll promise to buy you a shot :)