Thursday, July 16, 2009

Potential Spam Blog?!?!

If anyone else received an email from Blogspot letting them know that we've been flagged as a "Spam Blog" you can ignore it. 

I've verified that--in fact--our deliberate and careful blog posts are the antithesis of Spam! Our words are more like gold than some mystery meat! ;)

Happy Thursday!


jfcampbe said...

I saw that crazy email... how could they even consider this spam? there isn't anything remotely similar to spam or link spam coming from this site... terribly confusing

Robby Boyer said...

Dear Friends,

My name is Bobert Royer. I am a Swaziland prince in search of a willing and entrepreneurial American surrogate. I am currently in the possession of $US 24B and looking to transfer it to a secure location. With your help, bank account number, personal information, and social security number, I can successfully transfer this sum to you for temporary safe keeping. To thank you for your assistance, I will endow you generously, to the tune of several million dollars.

Respectfully yours,


John said...

Oh cool, Bobert! This sounds like a great deal, and I need some money! So here's all of my precious personal and bank info. Ready? Here you go: .....

Heeeeey...Wait a minute! Is this a trick?!?! :-p