Thursday, September 10, 2009

Atlantic Yards

As promised here is the website my friend sent me:

This particular one is an architecture review. For more explanation see below. My friends opinion of this new design is "it looks like a dilapidated pile of pancakes"

I also did some digging myself and here are some other ones that may be of interest.

This is the article on the new plan:

A closer view and different persective of the plan

Here is the Frank Gehry decision article:

This is the mid design architecture review:

There was an interesting looking video with Gehry and Olin (the landscape architect of the plan) speaking about the design but I could not get it to load on my comp. I'm not sure if that is because it was about the old design. I also was curious if Olin was still the LA working with this project. I found it really interesting to follow the design process here.

all for now

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