Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good People Doing Good Work Exist!

Hometown Minnesota and the
Minnesota Main Street Committee
present two workshops on downtown
design standards
October 8 October 13
1:00 - 4:00 1:00-4:00
Montgomery Little Falls
Design Workshop:
The downtown (or lack thereof) defines each community’s sense of place. Ensuring that your community’s downtown is a vibrant asset requires simultaneously highlighting downtown’s economic,social, and visual elements and integrating with the
larger community. Hometown Minnesota and the Main Street Committee of the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota are pleased to offer a workshop on how to create and implement downtown design standards in your community.
The workshop will be lead in Montgomery by Bob Kost, AICP, from SEH Inc. and in Little Falls by Suzanne Rhees, AICP, author of Reinventing the Village, from Cuningham Group. Their presentations will cover creating design priorities,
integrating design goals with downtown revitalization efforts, and options for implementing design standards. The presentation will describe both promoting voluntary standards and integrating of design into regulation.
The workshop will address questions such as:
 Reaching consensus on common design themes
 Integrating design goals with other goals
 The nuts and bolts of design standards –
voluntary standards, incentives, regulations The workshop will include small group discussion to ensure that attendees can discuss their own community’s opportunities and situations.

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