Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Graduate Employees Organization Rally for a Contract!

WHEN: Wednesday, September 9, 12:30-1:00 pm
WHERE: Assemble on MAIN QUAD at 12:15, March to Levis Faculty Center at
12:30, end at 1:00.
RSVP: odell.campbell@gmail.com

Hello Friends,

The University administration wants to:

-Freeze our wages for three years
-Count vouchers for University housing and meals toward our salaries
-Reserve the right to fire us, furlough us, and strip our tuition waivers
-Prevent us from filing union grievances against employment discrimination
-Deny us a living wage

When we show up, they back down! The ONLY way for us to prove to the administration that we will not accept such a contract and force them to negotiate in good faith is to show up in large numbers for rallies supporting the bargaining team. We know from experience that member turnout is the best way to move negotiations forward. So - please come out to our RALLY FOR A CONTRACT tomorrow at 12:30 pm. We'll assemble on the main quad at 12:15 and march to Levis with the bargaining team at 12:30, where there will be 3 speakers before the rally ends promptly at 1:00.

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janellentigan said...

People want to meet at TBH at noon and head over together? Wear your GEO shirt!