Saturday, September 19, 2009

SPO Board opening 2 - Professional Development Chair

Hi Everyone,

We have another opening on the SPO Board for the position of Professional Development Chair. If your interested in coordinating activities for SPO members related to professional development and making professional contacts in the process, This is the position for you.

This is a semester-long appointment, with the possibility of an extension. The description of the roles and responsibilities, according to the SPO bylaws, is below.

Professional Development Chair

It shall be the duty of the Professional Development Chair to set up alumni/professional brownbag discussions, coordinate with the department on internship meetings, coordinate a resume workshop, and pursue a mentorship program and job fair.

This is just a short list of ideas you can choose to be responsible for. You have considerable freedom to brainstorming and develop, and plan other activities, with the support of the SPO board and other SPO members interested in helping. To make your transition to the position smoother, there are some activities already in the planning and even the implementation stages.

Anyone (BUPs, MUPs, and PhDs) is welcome to contact me if you're interested or want more information! :-)

(312) 758-5646

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