Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey! Remember the post about Brick City? Sang has the series on DV-R and we've picked a viewing date!

What: Brick City Viewing
When: October 9th and October 10th beginning at 6:30
Where: Sang's House (212 W. Vermont Ave, Urbana IL)
Why: See these reviews
NPR: "Forest Whitaker, Getting Behind a 'Brick City' hero" " 'Brick City' like 'the Wire,' but true.",
Next American City: "Review: Brick City"

"The real world is messier than fiction...and so "Brick City" doesn't have an entirely satisfying narrative through-line. It's an involving, often moving, slice of Newark city life, but in the end, the stories of both the city and its spotlighted residents feel very unfinished."

Let me know if you're planning to come! Homemade popcorn promised. Check out the shorts on the website, they're pretty good!

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