Tuesday, October 20, 2009

phrase generator

So one of my friends sent this to me. I thought it was hilarious. Some may be offended (sorry). I think its just good fun.



jane said...

uh oh--does this thing know who's clicking?? look at the first one i got

"enhance abandoned contexts"


Robby Boyer said...

There is actually some scholarly work criticizing an over-emphasis on "processes" rather than institutions and behavior. The passive language of process-oriented literature tends to remove actors from the equation. So, instead of actors doing something to change a city, for example, a city is rather subject to "change" for which no entity is assigned responsibility. I tend to agree, though I think processes are very important to understand. For more, read Ann Markusen (1999) "Fuzzy Concepts, Scanty Evidence, Policy Distance: the case for rigour and policy relevance in critical regional studies." Regional Studies, vol 33.

Rory said...
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Rory said...

Dude! The LUBG is CLASSIC! Go figure it was written by someone from Chris Reed's school...

There's more: http://www.dack.com/web/bullshit.html

@Robby...so I guess youre not a fan of Waldheim after you dug into the LU Reader?