Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday Night

Something different.

Black Dog
201 N. Broadway
darts, games, food, drinks



jane said...

FYI: Todd and Josh's is no longer Black Dog is there.

So...Black Dog?

Maulik said...

lol..Laura, get yr facts right.

why not iron post?

Stephen said...

Iron Post has jazz music and a steep cover on Thursday night. Don't go there if you expect to talk

Black Dog is a good spot but whatever.

Ryan said...

Black Dog is supposed to be cool, I'm fine with that.

I love jazz but I think the cover nixes it as a happy hour destination.

Let's do Black Dog.

lcurvey said...

I can't keep track of names!! I just point in directions.

MeLena said...

Happy hour tonight is officially at Black Dog

see ya'll then