Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Invited to Dave's B-Day Party

What: Dave's B-day Party

Where: 903 Hartwell Dr. #1 Savoy, IL 61874

When: Saturday - 7:30pm

Phone: 217.721.3051

Dave is turning 30 on Sunday! Come help him mourn his 20s and transition into his 30s! We will be playing a few party games, and undoubtedly some Guitar Hero and Rock Band! Please bring Dave a small gift: something in multiples of 30--paper clips, m&ms, thumb tacks, etc. (We don't want Dave to forget how old he's turning.) Whatever you can think of, the more odd the better! - Whitney Kay

1 comment:

janellentigan said...

Hey all! Let me know if you need a ride. I'll probably be heading to Dave's near 7 o'clock