Friday, November 20, 2009

Saturday Education Seminar: Property Valuation and Assessment

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Hi everyone,

This is a reminder of Saturday Education Seminar tomorrow! Due to thanksgiving break, next week seminar were moved to this week as noticed. I know there are some students who wanted to attend this seminar. Our education seminar is totally dependent on the volunteer's schedule, so please understand the schedule. I hope you can enjoy the next Education seminar!

This week, our fellow student Sophie Sianis will talk about the property valuation and assessment and how it is used in practice for evaluating property tax (including TIFs and incentives) and eminent domain.

When? Tomorrow! Saturday, 11:00 am
Where? Room 19 Temple Buel Hall

Coffee and bagel will be offered. If you are in town, don't miss this great opportunity to share learning experience! Have a great Thanksgiving break!!


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