Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Regarding the Boy Scout article linked in the sidebar.

Since unions have been sort of a central subject to the local discourse recently (and because I really don't want to work on my 509 paper right now), I think it's necessary to respond to the article linked in the sidebar regarding the boy scout in Allentown who was threatened by a union member. For what it's worth, I've seen this article pop up on other news outlets online.

And yes, I understand those links to the right are placed there by an automated feed, and not by any individual.

To clear up the story's inaccuracies, here is a press release from the SEIU. The incident was caused by one idiot who apparently didn't even have the right to speak for the union anyway.

This is another fact: the only reason this non-story has any inertia is because it makes a union looks stupid. It is transparently part of a larger, ongoing media backlash against organized labor.

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Azad said...

Ahem, actually they are generated by people (if you use google reader you can also contribute to the sidebar, yes you!).

That one came from me, I just thought it was amusing, thanks for following up on it.