Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MUP Intramural Basketball

Hey DURPs,

Stephen, Michael, Dan, Matt and I are putting together an intramural basketball team and would like YOU to play with us! We're hoping to get between 2 and 5 additional players, whether they be guys or ladies. No basketball experience necessary! All that is required is a desire to run, jog, or walk up and down the court until you become bored or tired. We're doing this for the exercise and the fun, not the glory.

Email me at if you'd like a roster spot, and create a profile at the link below so that you can sign up for the league when online registration begins this weekend. Registration ends on Monday night so reply and sign up ASAP! I'll email the team name and password to respondents.

Play starts January 30. See you on the court!


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