Thursday, January 28, 2010

My first act as SPO masters rep..

is to put tonight's TNHH up to a vote between two locations, one more conventional and one less so.

Both spots are in Urbana (given last week's Champaign location)

Choice #1: Crane Alley
(on Main Street. Good beer list, spacious, a standby but a good standby).

Choice #2: Bunny's
(Somewhat country-themed townie bar located right behind North Main street, not facing any street but sort of between the Courier Cafe and Black Dog. No, not the Rose Bowl, but the other country bar. Let's just say you could wear sweatpants here and no one would notice.)

Make your vote by posting a comment. Ballot closes at 5.


Stephen said...

Also this will be around 8ish-9ish

Janel said...

Bunny's. But I might not be there.

Susy said...

Write in nomination: Red Star Liquors

Maulik said...

Sofie has a plan for happy hours.