Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crisis Mapping


“We are not moving concrete or water but we are delivering .”

Mobilizing immediately after earthquake, () volunteer emergency mappers (aided by instantly released satellite imagery and the structure of the project)  came together in impromptu “ ” rushed to meet the need for information on , roads, calls, existing , , and now internally persons (IDPs) camps.

Also of note is the emerging field of crisis operating at the intersection of disasters and , that has integrated social media like twitter its applications to aid survivors, first responders as well as facilitating emergency group communication tools.

Crisis Commons itself has used ’s Tweak the Tweet project which attempts to aggregate and pass on spatially tagged emergency-related information from available food, water, to missing or trapped persons.

Maps! Current OpenStreetMap Haiti Map Files

NOAA Satellite Imagery from

Sahana foundations: mapping client.

Compare Google Maps with OpemStreetMap Tiles.

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