Friday, February 12, 2010

HUD's 1,930,000,000 allocation

Yes, you read that number right. Check out this link for Neighborhood Stabilization Program II allocations: HUD

The recipients have 3 years to spend the funds--something tells me they'll be hiring.

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Michael W. said...

I find this disturbing. This program started as an underfunded, misguided attempt to fight foreclosure-induced blight. It's only redeeming quality was the potential to landbank, but that was made so tedious, that it is almost unworkable. Now, it seems that it is an overfunded, misguided program. At least now, it is a competitive grant.

Also, the job prospects might not be what they seem. Only 10% is allowed for administration. Also, This program is only 3-5 years (depending on which phase it was launched; there have been like 3 or 4 now)so many recipients are hiring "temporary workers" or contract-limited employees. Hopefully, this doesn't lead to a glut of unemployed community development professionals in 3-5 years.

Just my thought. Thanks.