Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick meeting tonight, re: Saturday session at MUP Open House

7:00 PM, rm 223 TBH

For those of you that attended Open House last year, you may remember the Saturday AM session where current MUPs were left alone with prospective MUPs. This was designed so that current students could provide opinions which were unadulterated by a prof's presence. Students gave presentations about life in Chambana, what sort of work they were doing, finding a place to live, funding concerns, et cetera. The bulk of the time was spent answering prospective students' questions.

This year's info session will be on Saturday, March 13th.

Tonight's meeting is going to solicit volunteers to make presentations that day, in addition to brainstorming other information that's important to share with prospective students. We have the opportunity for real talk, and it's important that we are honest, thorough, and helpful.

If you can't make it tonight, or don't want to give a presentation on 3/13, your presence that Saturday (so as to answer questions) would be awesome. A diversity of opinions is ideal.

Keep in mind this meeting ONLY CONCERNS THE SATURDAY INFORMATIONAL SESSION. Those interested in helping out with other aspects of the open house (Friday stuff, campus tours, hosting, etc.) should contact Laura S.

This meeting won't go for more than an hour. I repeat, no more than an hour.


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Stephen said...

I should add: 2nd years are welcome, too.