Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coming your way soon...Pancake B-Fast!!!

Alright, here's the deal...

This Sunday, we're all going to meet at TBH at promptly 10:30am. Many of you will bike, some of you will walk, and some will rollarskate there, but however you arrive, we will be hopping in vehicles and driving guessed it...the Forest Glen Nature Preserve for a few hours of spactacularness.

That's right, we are all headed to the annual Maple Syrup Open House and Pancake/Sausage Dinner on Sunday, March 21!! Can't wait?

As part of our adventure to this foreign land called "Danville", we will get to experience:
maple syrup making demonstration (fabulous)
pioneer cabin (welcome to Illinois)
pancake and sausage dinner with Forest Glen Maple Syrup
and maple syrup sales (in case you didn't get enough syrup at the meal)

And guess what? This is only going to cost you $5.00 for the whole deal!!! Who can beat that?!?

As I know you are all dying of excitement and anticipation, if you have questions, give Seth a call or email him at Or just head to TBH at 10:30 on Sunday (the time is totally negotiable by the way if enough people would like to go later -its open until 5).

See you there!

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