Monday, March 15, 2010

Greening of Detroit Lecture 3/17 4pm

"Seeding Hope in Motor City: A look at the thriving urban agricultural movement in Detroit"

Where: Business Instructional Facility (BIF-Deloitte Auditorium)
When: Wednesday 3/17 4pm
What: Greening of Detroit is a urban agriculture/reforestation nonprofit in Detroit leading the charge in the city's greening efforts. Their mission includes reforestation, community gardens on a large and small scale, and environmental advocacy.

Ashley Atkinson is the Director of Project Development and Urban Agriculture for The Greening of Detroit. She has worked in the field of community gardening, urban greening, and vacant land reuse for over twelve years. She began in Flint where she co-founded The Flint Urban Gardening and Land Use Corporation, then as the director of the Detroit Agriculture Network, and currently with The Greening of Detroit where she works with community groups to plan tree plantings, community gardens, and other greenspace in Detroit. Ashley is a graduate of both Michigan State University and The University of Michigan where she studied International Development, Community Organization, and Environmental/Land Use Planning.

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