Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mike Davis: Who Will Build the Ark?

New Left Review article that nobody has the time to read right now (even me). But I'm posting it anyway.

"The inner crisis in environmental politics today is precisely the lack of bold concepts that address the challenges of poverty, energy, biodiversity and climate change within an integrated vision of human progress. At a micro-level, of course, there have been enormous strides in developing alternative technologies and passive-energy housing, but demonstration projects in wealthy communities and rich countries will not save the world. The more affluent, to be sure, can now choose from an abundance of designs for eco-living, but what is the ultimate goal: to allow well-meaning celebrities to brag about their zero-carbon lifestyles or to bring solar energy, toilets, pediatric clinics and mass transit to poor urban communities?"

Pardon the websites craptastic screen design. And pardon for going off on this blog like 3 weeks ago about apocalypse mongering, and then posting a Mike f'n Davis article.

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