Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Capstone Posterz

This is what I remember. Other thoughts, suggestions?

Info to include on the poster: Title, author, contact info, advisor, date, DURP, University of Illinois
Size: 40 x 30
Due May 3 to the Main Office, back lunchroom area.
Poster Template (you don't have to use) URL: http://illinois.edu/goto/postertemplate


Rachel said...

I thought last time we decided that the size was to be 30" x 40"...otherwise I have the same info, plus that it has to be mounted on foam board.

MeLena said...

ditto to rachel - 30 to 40 and foam board.

Susy said...

awesome. I changed the original post, so as not to confuse anyone else. thanks guys!

Susy said...

Info on printing: