Sunday, May 2, 2010

Capstone poster tips

For those who have not printed their posters yet, you may find the following info helpful...

Use the LEFT HP PS3 plotter in TBH 20, not the right one. At least yesterday, the right one seemed to have some type of backup/error, but the left one printed my poster right away. It is also easier if you save a PDF of your poster, and then when you print it, make sure you have the box called "print actual PDF size" (or whatever it is called) checked, not the one for 8.5x11. It should cost between $10 and $14 depending on what paper type you choose.

I got my poster laminated at FedEx Office for about $35 (!), which I thought was a bit excessive but it was my fault for not asking how much it would cost before I had them do it.

I bought my foam board at Michael's for about $10, but the only problem is that the largest size they have is 30x20 inches, so you will have to buy 2 and tape them together. This should probably work though as long as you are careful about transporting it.


jane said...

Thanks for the tips, Rebecca.

I bought my poster board at Hobby Lobby and they had 32 X 40.

I didn't laminate...whoops.

Also, I used the photo printer and it worked well.

Rachel said...

For anyone who hasn't purchased foam board yet, 30" x 40" is available at Art Coop at 5th & Green for about $7. They also sell spray mount for about $8, but I found it at Dollar General Store for $3.

Susy said...

Staples has 30 x 40 boards

Also, long story, I printed mine at 36 x 48, and have a spare poster board if anyone else decides to have a mega poster.