Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey guys,

If anyone is looking for classes. This is one offered called LINC-learning in community. Most of the projects are community service based and working with non profits in C-U. There are several sections and opportunities.

They are searching for Project Managers (grad students). You get a choice on the section you would like to work with. Also, this class can be repeated for more credit so ideally you can work on it for a full year.

The base of the class is a PM (you) and students who signed up to be in your section. They can be from any background and from freshman to senior. It is an inquiry and articulate learning based. Once a week all the PM's meet together and discuss issues, techniques, successes and progress.

I just finished with this class and it was a great experience. It provides many useful resources and a wealth of knowledge. It also is a great addition to a resume. This was one of the most rewarding classes I've ever had. It opened many avenues for me. I would recommend it to anyone.

For more info: http://linc.illinois.edu. Click on the Project Management tab. Each of the other tabs is a description of the projects available to work on. If you have specific questions I can answer them just shoot me an email. :)

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