Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garage Sale June 18th and 19th!!!

Hey folks,

I'm planning a garage sale for next weekend. I will hold it on Friday from 4pm to 8pm and on Saturday from noon to 5pm. If the weather sucks then I'll move to Sunday. My address is 308 West Charles, Champaign.

IF you want to contribute something here are my requests.
1. If you want to get money for something you contribute you must be the one selling it. Why? I don't want to keep track of who's owed what and 'why didn't you get more for this?' Also, I would welcome the company while I'm hanging out in my driveway. (You're more than welcome to drink a beverage of your choice, but it may not help with your bartering skills.)

2. If your leaving town and want to leave stuff for me to sell, I have the right to refuse it on grounds that if it doesn't sell Goodwill may not take it either.
Bottom line; I want to get rid of stuff, not collect.

Also, if your interested in checking out the available items before they go on sale, let me know. More than likely they'll be free if someone left them for me to sell.

Stuff expected to be in the sale includes:
a kayak
coffee table
various electric kitchen appliances
space heater
Computer bags
Nearly new and good quality snorkel gear
Unused climbing gear and rope
Various military clothing and outdoor-gear
Un-used military boots size 9 men.

Have a great week!!


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