Sunday, August 15, 2010

MUP BBQ/Potluck list

8/21, Saturday, 3PM to whenever. All MUPs and spouses/loved ones/family invited.

Y'all should be getting an e-mail soon with flyer/directions (sorry but I wasn't keen on posting my phone number and family's address on a public website).

Anyhow if you're one of the people who likes listing what you're bringing to a potluck (so as to avoid 1,000 desserts), plz do so in the comments of this post. Thanks and see you soon.


Janel said...

I likely won't be there...unless y'all are still partying at 10 pm. but I will send a dish with a MUP of my choosing.

I'll go with dessert.

LES said...

I'll bring mac & cheese :)

I am also happy to drive people to and fro. We can arrange a pick-up time at TBH if that's most convenient for people. Drop me a line here or at searfos1 (at) illinois (dot) edu if you need a ride.