Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bad Plus

Hey Planners and Music Lovers!

While studying for 501, I discovered that the Bad Plus is playing in Chicago December 16 - 19. I know that is a bit down the road, but for those left in the region during winter break, this would be awesome. Remember the footage of young women screaming and crying during Beatles shows? That is me at Bad Plus shows. Here is a sample.

Now get back to work!


CaseyBob Merchant said...

I'm a fan. It seems me and some of these planners have similar music tastes

CaseyBob Merchant said...

That man is nasty on the drums, as well as piano man, but I've never seen anything special out of the bassist

Michael W. said...

What!? Reid Anderson is arguably the most fundamentally sound musician of the group. He is the only one the jazz afficianados actually get behind.

I've met them and seen them live many times. Great guys. Glad to hear you like them too.