Monday, September 20, 2010

Built to Spill Wednesday 9/22 at the High Dive

Live music!

I want to give a plug for Built to Spill, a really good indie rock band that will be playing this Wednesday night at the High Dive as part of the Pygmalion Music Fest. Tickets are $15 and you can buy them online here, but I'm willing to bet that since it's not sold out yet that you will probably be able to get tickets at the window. If I get a few commenters below though I could order a couple and have people pay me back.

Why should you care about Built to Spill? They have a song called "The Plan"!!! That's why! (They've got a lot of other good stuff, too.)

The plan keeps coming up again
The plan means nothing stays the same
But the plan won't accomplish anything
If it's not implemented
Like it's always been
And it makes me think of everyone
And the cause of this is evident
But the remedy cannot be found
Cause it's so well hidden
This history lesson doesn't make any sense
In any less than ten thousand year increments
Of common sense

How completely relevant!


Janel said...

I'd love to go, but it will be a game time decision. Hopefully there will be tickets at the door.

CaseyBob Merchant said...

Ha nice planning quote, I never noticed it.