Sunday, September 12, 2010

Detroit Movie

It's not all gloom and doom...

Of special note is video 3, with mention of Tyree Guyton and the Heidelberg Project.

Also, if you like Johnny Knoxville's boots, this site serves multiple purposes. I think I'm gonna get the Pampa Hi Canvas in Stonewash Metal.


Susy said...

I came across the website over the weekend and watched the videos. Can someone please break this down for me? ...selling boots through an urban exploration of Detroit?And why is Johnny Knoxville involved?

Not sure this can be called a "Detroit Movie" when it's made by a european corporation (is Palladium French?).

janellentigan said...

I feel like I want to talk about this in the context of 501. Is this voyeurism? Or is it another perspective on Detroit that provides a refreshing look where mainstream media has maligned a city? I'm torn.

I thought parts were short sighted, "What Detroit needs is artists and entrepreneurs" (yes). What about the residents who are there now and have been facing city and private systems that don't function? What does the city need from them? How can the city's future use their perspective, experiences, and expertise? How can we change systems within the city so that everyone the success of individuals can be more and more broad?

Whew. If folks haven't been following it, check out the Detroit Works Project, which is the strategic framework that is going on in the city. And, if anyone wants to talk about it or has questions, call me. I could talk for hours. It's fascinating and a huge huge deal.

Michael W. said...

I got the notion that it is selling Detroit as a great place for young white hipsters to check out, but it couldn't escape the disaster tourism vibe. I think the only good things about it were the pieces on the Heidelberg Project and the Cafe Mondo owner.

Thanks for the Detroit Works Project, Jane. I'll look into it.