Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Party!!!

This weekend is Halloween and once again an assortment of foul undead creatures and unholy monsters will descend upon 404 East High Street in Urbana...

And you're invited!

Come help defend my house from this evil onslaught by participating in the costume contest, eating candy and other spooky appetizers, and generally having a good time. I'll have some beer and punch too, but feel free to bring a preferred beverage of your own to share.

Where: 404 E High Street, Urbana (square white house with the green roof)
When: All Hallows' Eve Eve, Saturday 10/30, from 9-ish until question marks!!!

All are welcome. Join us. JOOOOOOOOOOOOIN US!!!!


Janel said...

I'm in...and I'm bringing some stragglers, as always.

LES said...

I'm in, too...and I've got the costume competition in the bag ;)