Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SPO Seminar

This Saturday the 11th we've got a trio presentation:

Contingent Valuation Surveys - Elly Boerke

Contingent Valuation Studies: Learning how to assess the community value of non-economic resources in a world of cost-benefit analysis.

In a world governed by cost-benefit analyses and profit margins, how can we value and protect our nation's non-economic resources? One technique, contingent valuation surveys, helps planners and other policy makers determine the community value of assets such as clean air, endangered species, and old growth forests. Use of a contingent valuation survey Colorado River Watershed will demonstrate the technique.

Presenting Results to Different Folks - Laura Searfoss

After all the surveys are collected, after all the variables are coded, and after crosstabulations are run, one more task remains: Presenting your findings to your clients in a meaningful and easy-to-understand way. Laura will outline ways to tailor research results to different audiences, such as academics, policymakers, and the general public. It also provides examples of creative and/or interactive ways to present quantitative data.

Surveying Homeless People - Michael Wisth

How can you plan programs and find funding if you can't find the people and learn what they need and want? Michael managed CDBGs near Denver. He will guide our search for hidden and invisible people and offer insights into engaging them in surveys.

Look for Rory, the Illustrator Accelerator, the following Saturday 16 October, and the internship extravaganza on 23 October. As always juice, coffee and bagels.


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