Sunday, January 16, 2011

____ party!

You know what's great? Efficiency! Know what else? Parties! Even better? Efficient parties!!!1!

Reasons to have a party this month:
1) A new semester is starting - school sucks, I'd rather have a party.
2) It will be the second years' last semester - friends moving away sucks, I'd rather have a party.
3) Michael Wisth is leaving - same as #2, only sooner. *sad face*
4) I was born this month - Ira sucks, but I'll still go to his party.

One of my life goals is to eat a turducken, and this is the year I've decided to finally make it happen. You are invited to bring sides and desserts and alcohol. I will provide none of those things since, as it turns out, turduckens are not exactly affordable. Feel free to post in the comments what you're bringing to ensure variety (remember: efficiency).

Non-planner associates are also invited, of course.

Ira's house
406 W Green St, Urbana
Friday January 28th, 7pm


Stephen said...

I'm bringing a side dish

Elly Boerke said...

I'll bring a side dish as well...and some wine of course