Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can I borrow someone's ID?

Can I borrow one of your student IDs on Saturday evening? My GF is coming to town and we're going to the Iowa/Illini game; I have an extra student ticket for her but she needs an ID to get in. The tickettakers very rarely check the pictures closely, but basically if it's a female's ID that'd be preferable. Seth would loan Dana his but he's already going to the game HEYOOO ZING AWWW I GOT U DUDE AWWW MAN DO YOU GET IT? DO YOU GET IT? I SCHOOLED U BY MISREPRESENTING UR POSITION ON THE HETERO-IMPERIALIST GENDER BINARY. HEY-O. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. etc.

Anyhow, let me know if you want to do me a solid. You will be rewarded with the finest treasures of the orient. Or a coffee.


LES said...

Dana can use mine. Just remind me next time I see you :)

Stephen said...

Sofie got to me first.

Thanks Laura and Elly for offering.