Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Need Boxes!!!

I just realized this. If you have any boxes, I can take them off your hands.

I don't have much for furniture, but have managed to accumulate many small things.

I am glad to pick them up or feel free to bring them to the get-together on Saturday.

Thank you!!!



ALT said...

Hey, sorry, I don't have any boxes, but I usually troll liquor stores when I need them. Wine boxes are especially good - not too big, not too small. I'll try and remember to grab a box or two when I pick up supplies for Saturday night.

Sofie said...

Hey Michael,
maybe not in this weather, but whenever i move, I go to bookstors like borders and barnes and nobles. They have special dumpsters for book boxes which are recycled. Book boxes are ideal...strong and just the right size!