Friday, April 22, 2011

Recycling & Kite Flying!

Hey friends!

I'm sure you've already gotten plenty of emails from the SPO about our educational seminar tomorrow, but I just wanted to strongly encourage you to come. 12 - 1:30. Bagels & coffee. Recycling Electronics in an Urban Environment: What we can learn. TBH 223.

Secondly, in case you feel like hanging out with me all day long, I am thinking of flying my badass pirate ship kite tomorrow. It's supposed to be the only non-rainy, warm day for like . . . forever, and also very windy. I think a break from the monotony of end of the semester projects is in order. I might also see if my dad's old kite still works. If people are up for it we could go all the way to Allerton, or we could just go to Parkland or Meadowbrook. Anyone want to join? Call me or text 217.255.3534. I was thinking of going around 3 or 4 but I can also be flexible. I will borrow a car and maybe my dad, because he knows how to fly kites better than I do.

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aditi said...

Dang, I missed this! Did you go? Let me know if you're going to be kiting again!