Friday, August 29, 2008

Football Tickets

Hey All,
Just checking to see if anyone else purchased U of I student season tickets, and if you did would you like to get tickets in a block for the game against Eastern Illinois (Scott's Team) coming up on Saturday 6th of September?


janellentigan said...

hey john....i don't have student season tickets, parents are in town that weekend and i thought it'd be fun to go. where can you find out if tickets are sold out?

jfcampbe said...

if you go to the athletic ticket office (next to the assembly Hall) they should be able to tell you if there are tickets available. also I dont know if the mini ticket office on the quad is able to do that but it might be able to, worth a shot.

Rachel said...

Or you can buy them online here:

Looks like there are still some available for the Eastern Illinois and Louisiana-Lafayette games!