Friday, August 29, 2008

Mountain Biking

Hey all,
Just checking to see if anyone would be keen for some mountain biking this weekend, either saturday (tomorrow) or sunday, there is a place 45 minutes away in the direction of Indianapolis that is a bit of fun, post a comment here or get in touch with me if you are interested,

John Campbell

217 417 8808


Ryan said...

That sounds like fun, John. Can't this weekend but maybe another time...only thing is that I've got a road bike. nice for maintaining speed but it would fall apart if I even tried.

D. Kay said...

Holy crap, I know I am replying way too late to this post. I got to get on this blog more, but to get to the point, I would be very interested in mountain biking any time you want to go. Just let me know when & where.