Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey everyone,
Anyone used Greyhound to travel long distance? What is the chance they will be on schedule? I am going to Washington DC for just one day in November. Need to be in DC early in the morning and leave early evening. Greyhound's schedule so far is the only one that fits it.



Maulik said...

Marina, talk to Tina .. she took it recently to Chicago and didnt like it

jane said...

i would say take the amtrak...i had really good luck with itbeing on time.

Stephen said...

All I have to say about this idea is "nnonononononoonononononono"

Stephen said...

Elaboration: Greyhound doesn't reserve seats, and a trip to Washington DC will more than likely involve multiple connections.

So this is often the scenario with Greyhound: when you get off for a connection, people may already be in the station, waiting for the same connection. So when the connecting bus rolls in there may be only, let's say, 12 empty seats on the bus, but there are 25 people on line to get on that bus. If you're 13th in line, you may have to wait another 5,6, 7 or more hours for the next bus heading your way.

Being on time is never guaranteed. Hell, seats aren't even guaranteed. If timeliness is a necessity and you need to take Greyhound, I would suggest leaving early and giving yourself a one-day cushion for tardiness.