Friday, October 2, 2009

< The Second Education Workshop: How to use Google Sketch-up >

Hi all,

I want you to know there will be the second Education Workshop on this Saturday!

When? This Saturday, October, 3rd. 11:00 AM
Where? TBH Computer Lab
Who? Malika Ramdas, First year MUP Student.
What? She will introduce the basic tools in Google Sketch-up. We can try some of the application,
and can see some of her previous work.

The last workshop was very informative and enjoyable experience. The workshop was led by
Crystal who had a Summer Internship at National Trust for Historic Preservation. We talked about
how the development team works, what the organization does, and how the development loan is
obtained. With coffee and bagel, it was good start for the first workshop. Right now, we are trying
to organize all the volunteers so that we can fixed the date. Keep an eye on your e-mail and blog!

Also, let me know if there is any other software program you want to know more about. SPO is
waiting to support you. Hope your school work is going well.
See you guys at the Workshop!


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Ryan said...

Sorry to miss this, guys. I wanted to come but forgot about some yard work I needed to do :-) I know that's ridiculous but I was borrowing some implements that day from my landlord and forgot I had asked him for them.

Excuses, excuses...