Friday, October 2, 2009

Thanksgiving rideshare to the East Coast/Rust Belt?


This Thanksgiving break, I (Steve S.) will be driving back to the motherland (Northern New Jersey). The drive is 12-13 hours, depending on how much you speed, so if you leave early in the morning you can be in Newark in time for a dinner of rodizio.

I'm looking for someone with whom to rideshare. We would take my car; I have a 1997 Saturn station wagon which I've named "Lord Fauntleroy." It gets about 24ish MPG and has awesome features like a "PERFORMANCE" button that makes the car "perform," whatever this means. This is a picture of me wishing I were as attractive as my car:

Here is the route which I take:

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I drive through Indy, Columbus, Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley PA and I would be more than happy to detour into any city that's not too far off the route (e.g., Pittsburgh, Philly). For anyone going to NYC, New England, or the mid-Atlantic I'd be happy to drop you off someplace closer to your destination, and then you can arrange a pickup or public transit. My parents' place is only 25 minutes via car to Manhattan so I'd be happy to drive that way. Also if you want to go somewhere along I-80 I'd happily change the route for your convenience.

If anyone is interested get in touch with me via e-mail (look me up) or find me in TBH sometime between now and November. We can arrange arrival/departure times at your convenience.

Thanks for reading,

UPDATE: OK so apparently the right half of both images isn't cool with this blog layout. Just know that, yes, my Saturn does have front chassis and an engine and a hood on which I enjoy posing, and that the route stays on the PA Turnpike until Carlisle, PA at which point it heads north on I-81, and then once a little NE of Carlise I get onto I-78, which then takes me into NJ.


lcurvey said...

Thanks for the assurance on the front chassis, I would not have believed you otherwise. BTW, for mid-westerners, as far as we're concerned the world ends at Pittsburg anyway.

Susy said...
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LES said...

Hey Steve! I would love your company on the ride East, but could I be the driver (of my car, not yours)? I am happy to take the same route and bring along anyone who needs a ride, too.