Friday, October 2, 2009

Solar Home Tour - Sunday October 4,2009 in Stelle/IL

Have you been to Stelle, the intentional community NNW of here? This Sunday is the annual solar home tour.
Stelle's Annual Solar Home Tour is hosted by the Center for Sustainable Community and a handful of residents as part of the National Annual Solar Home Tour event. The major focus of this day is to offer opportunities for groups and individuals to learn more about solar power. The community of Stelle has a large number of solar power applications for residential use and also has the first, solar-powered, off-the-grid telephone mutual and internet service provider in the United States. By offering ongoing presentations throughout the day we are able to share our love of renewable solar energy with others.

The day begins at 10:00 with an introduction to CSC and the Stelle community including a walking tour of the community. There is no charge for the tour.

12:30-1:30 Lunch is served in the Community Center. The meal us usually vegetarian and as organic as the season permits. Whenever possible we serve fruits and vegetables from our own gardens. Cost for the lunch is $10.00.

1:30-4:00 Presents a workshop by one of our guest speakers. Always interesting talks that relate to sustainability, or community building topics. Cost of workshop is $25.00

They ask for pre-registration. Let me know if you're interested. The is a community open house and program the first Sunday of every month. The program changes each month.


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