Sunday, October 25, 2009

SoCal proposal to build an airport... miles off the coast and in the ocean!

Check out the story here:


jane said...

Crazy or brilliant? I say crazy. I'd never want to land on that!

Susy said...

The best part of that proposal are the submerged floating tunnels to transport passengers.

myles said...

About 15 years ago there was lots of hoopla about moving the Mpls/St Paul airport rather than adding additional runways, etc at the existing site. Land had been purchased and banked. I called in to an MPR show with some expert airport booster and asked, "If we're worried about moving jobs away from the current location, and don't want a whole lot more traffic out beyond Hastings, why not keep the land side operations at the current site and construct passenger and luggage rapid transit to the new runways?" The answer was: people want to go where the planes are, we can't rely on shuttle transit for that distance, and the functions can't be separated that easily." I guess my idea just lacked an ocean.